The yob element is ruining your town

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Dear Grantham, you should be aware of the kind of people representing your otherwise pleasant town.

On Saturday evening at 22:50hrs I was woken by a gang of youths running over, yes, directly over my car on North Parade. If these people represent the future of your town, you have my sincerest sympathies.

I have been charmed by the new paved area in the market square. Unfortunately, this is with the added sophistication of splashes of what I can only assume is vomit.

To cap it all off, a few minutes later I narrowly avoided some kind soul jumping a set of red lights. Curiously, neither vehicle had a big siren or a blue light. I can only assume both parties involved were rushing to help some elderly or less fortunate person in their own time on a voluntary basis - again - bravo Grantham.

To those involved in the criminal damage of my car on Saturday evening, the police do have prints and photographs, so please enjoying waiting for the knock.

Annoyed Visitor

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