Time for action, not words from Lincs County Council

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“If everything falls into place, we could see the Grantham by-pass road open by 2011/2012.”

This was the full-page story in Lincolnshire County Council’s ‘County News’ publication in August 2007.

Our last MP, Quentin Davies, or should I say Lord something or other, stated before he retired to the Lords that everything was still in place and we should see action soon.

Our current MP Nick Boles seems far more intrested in creating a name for himself in politics than wasting his time and effort on the most important issue this town has faced for the last 25/30 years.

Perhaps he could at least give us all an update on the present situation, or is he aware of the problem that traffic in this town faces?

Lincs County Council continues to take and distribute the Council Tax from the ever-growing housing market that Grantham provides.

I would be interested to know what percentage of Council Tax collected from Grantham people is re-invested in our town?

Bypass after bypass around Lincoln and other places have been funded over the last 20 years. All Grantham has is traffic lights and positively ill thought out traffic systems, none of which have managed to get large vehicles and congestion out of the centre and away from the low bridges.

People have been fobbed off with surveys and promises for years and years on this subject, and it is time for action, not words.

Stuart Allan

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