Too many Army lorries using town’s roads

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WHO gave the British Army (namely Prince William of Gloucester Barracks) permission to use the streets of Grantham as a training area? That is a training area for ten, 54ft artics.

They go by my place at the rate of 10 per hour for eight hours a day. That’s 80 more HGVs using the roads of Grantham.

This was all of the Easter weekend from Friday to Monday and 80 lorries in eight hours is more than we get in a normal eight-hour working day.

Those 80 lorries are causing untold damage to our roads. Will the Army contribute to repairs? Eighty empty lorries cause more vibration than full ones, trundling along the High Street, causing cracked windows and pollution. There were five in a row waiting at traffic lights on High Street, pumping out pollution.

Rookie drivers pounding the streets of Grantham – is this an accident waiting to happen?

What good will a by-pass do if the Army use Grantham’s streets as a training ground?


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