Town is no longer user-friendly for shoppers

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I NOTE that in last week’s Journal there were at least three references to the state of Grantham, ie rubbish and the downward drift of the town centre.

Regarding rubbish, has anyone else noted the piles of same on the walls of the walkway from Homebase and Matalan stores? It is unsightly to say the least. There is also a plethora of litter scattered on the river banks, with fast food polystyrene containers floating in the river.

A few weeks ago I asked a person not to drop litter, and the reply given was anatomically impossible, lovely attitude.

One wonders do the people who drop this detritus live in a state the same, or if not, would they not be very upset if the rest of us dropped our rubbish in their home?

There is also comment made on the businesses leaving Grantham. Perhaps if the shops actually stocked produce we wanted, instead of asking us if we have looked on the internet for same, as has happened to me in several shops, the town would be a little more condusive to us spending our time and money in Grantham, and not travelling to shop elsewhere. Do these traders not realise that every time we buy online, that is another customer lost, and they are a little nearer to losing their job through the business closing down.

Also on the downside of shops is the decibels, the so-called background music that is played. Sometimes it is so loud that I just turn around and walk away, as do several of my friends. Music should be in the background and not played for the benefit of staff to get them through the day.

To conclude, Grantham is no longer user-friendly, and until traders try and put the customer first, and not act as if customers are, in some cases, an inconvenience, perhaps we will see an upturn in the state of the town.


Wroxall Drive, Grantham