Town’s growth depends on overall infrastructure

The Grantham Journal Debate at KGGS School. 633B
The Grantham Journal Debate at KGGS School. 633B
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IF the Journal’s Question Time is anything to go by, Grantham should have its own civic anthem.

And after getting a ringside seat to see the panel’s performance completely miss the point about what is needed to make our town great, I believe it should be entitled: ‘Send in the Clowns.’

For a town to be successful it doesn’t just need growth as MP Nick Boles insisted, but also the infrastructure to support that growth, plus something special to attract visitors who would normally have no particular reason to come and spend their hard-earned money here.

Why do my family and many friends go to Melton Mowbray every Tuesday?

Because the Leicestershire town, which is much smaller than Grantham, has a major antiques fair and market big enough to attract coach trippers from all over the country.

Why do we regularly travel to Newark along with thousands of other people?

Becuase they have the showground featuring all kinds of major events, including Europe’s largest antiques fair every couple of months, the Nottinghamshire County Show, craft and other attractions.

While we’re there, of course, we take the opportunity to do shopping which could be done in Grantham.

And what do we have to counter these things?

Not even adequate parking or public toilets (the latter especially important for disabled visitors, Coun Cartwright). Oh and the promise of market place pedestrianisation enabling drunken yobs to intimidate any ordinary folk rash enough to try and use it as a Continental-style plaza.

It’s not simply a question of talking the town down but introducing policies which restore its greatness.

In the sixties a ‘Back Britain’ campaign launched in Ruskington proved hugely successful on a nationwide scale, so why don’t our local ‘powers that be’ in the public and private sectors stop exploiting Grantham to suit their own ends and support the many local people who are already involved in their own version of David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’?


Welham Street, Grantham