Traffic light dilemma for a motorcyclist

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THE arguments/opinions on Grantham’s traffic chaos will continue, I’m sure, for a long time with no solution being found by Lincolnshire County Council.

From the view of an advanced motorcyclist I maybe don’t have the same queuing problems as the other cars and lorries.

Trevor Palmer commented last week (Journal, Letters) on vehicles turning right from Westgate and possibly coming into conflict with traffic turning left from Harlaxton Road with both sets of lights being on green.

He failed to mention the markings telling Harlaxton Road traffic to Give Way, therefore giving traffic from Westgate the right of way.

I wonder if the police would believe that my bike doesn’t make the lights change after being stopped for gingerly proceeding through a red light at 4am? I doubt it.


Gonerby Hill Foot, Grantham