‘Undeserving’ poor may have a point

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l So, yet another member of Grantham Business Club steps out of the darkness with a party political broadcast for the Tory Party.

He invokes the spirit of the Victorian Poor Laws with his rhetoric about the ‘ Deserving’ poor on a day when the Rail Franchises put up their fares by eight per cent and Mr Brian Souter takes home an extra £51 million pounds. His sister Ann Gloag takes home an ‘extra’ £31 million pounds and Beardy Branson’s company makes a pre-tax profit of £55 million pounds. Is there any wonder people are a little exercised by this?

I am not condoning ANY rioting but, when people ( the undeserving poor?) see the gap between rich and poor has widened significantly and The Chancellor’s family put their business in trust to avoid taxation the ‘undeserving poor’ may have a point.

As the shop owners who are victims and should rightly be reimbursed by their insurers does he see nothing wrong in the insurers then claiming the money back from the taxpayer. By my rudimentary calculations WE PAY TWICE THEY PAY NOTHING.

He would do well to remember the words of The Beast Of Bolsover after the Thatcher Government’s last attempt to return to ‘ Victorian Values: “Not so much back to basics as back to my place” by a Tory Government up to its armpits in sleaze.

He would do well to remember Neil Hamilton, Tim Yeo, Tim Smith, Jonathan Aitken, Alan Duncan, Lord Archer and Ted Heath who spoke of the ‘unacceptable face of Capitalism.’

Anth Hindmarch

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