Use old hospital for whole community

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NOW seems a good time to test the proposed system with a view to gaining some positive benefit for the townspeople.

I refer you to the proposed development to the north of Manthorpe, which I believe will now be put forward again under the easing of the planning regulations about to come into being.

A key part of the proposal was the planned provision of a community centre for which the developers will have included funds.

I feel that the local authority should encourage them to put the money into a trust to be used to refurbish the fine old hospital building instead, which could be the new community centre, the building is being allowed to fall into ruin by the hospital trust, the roof has several holes in it and no doubt is already beginning to rot in places.

Ownership of the building should be wrested from the hospital trust for a peppercorn rent, since they do not have any interest in it.

The new trust would run the building on a non-profit basis, covering service costs. Community groups would be required to put the area which they wish to occupy in good working order, as part of the tenancy agreement.

The building would provide a fine community centre, while saving it from dereliction.

Local business people have rescued some of Grantham’s old buildings in the past and I am sure they could do the same for our fine old hospital.


Sandcliffe Road, Grantham