Very slow broadband

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Dear Sir I have just moved into the area from a small village in Devon, ( Berrynarbor, EX34 9SP ) and could not believe how slow the broadband is here in Caythorpe, NG32 3BL ) it is almost impossible to use the BBC I player as it keeps stopping and starting when trying to use that service, and sending photo’s to friends takes an age.

I have carried out a speed check this morning and find that my download is 0.2Mb, and upload is 0.3Mb. Following the links given from the speed check site ( broadband) i arrived at the BT site, and following their links was told that I have their BEST package.

When in Devon, I started with BT being the only server available at the time, and had a very slow service then. I decided to switch servers, and wet to tiscali, and later to SKY. Tiscally started having problems, hence I then asked SKY to take over. at first SKY did not want to supply me saying that the line was inadequate for them to provide a decent service, after further conversations during which I agreed to accept their best effort with the lines available, they did supply me with a service which went from BTs best of 0.75Mb to a varible service from 3.5 to 5.75, which depended on the time of day, but was a great improvment on BT (useing the same lines as BT had done)

Like many others I find it so annoying when BT advertise their speeds in the 20s & 30s on TV, with future speeds of 100s in 2012, WE WANT A DECENT SERVICE NOW, NOT HAVING TO WAIT UNTILL 2012. Personally I am 74 years old and dont know if I will still be around in 2012. Thanks for a geat artical in your paper, let us all keep up the pressure.

Henry J C Goldsmith