Was store’s closure an act of revenge?

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IN 2008 Northern Foods closed down its Grantham factory (Fenland Foods) due to the impossible financial conditions imposed by Marks and Spencer for the renewal of their contract.

A valiant and impressive campaign was launched by the GMB Union which included a bus load of workers demonstrating outside Marks and Spencer’s flagship Oxford Street store in London.

All of the demonstrators were wearing t-shirts with a logo parodying the Marks and Spencer television advertising campaign, one of which was fitted to a shop window dummy. This was all highly embarrassing for Marks and Spencer at the time, locally and nationally.

Fast forward two years and Marks and Spencer close their Grantham store which has stood since the mid 1930s. Sales were low, they said. Compared to what? I never saw any actual figures published, did you? The question is: was there a bit of revenge here for the embarrassment caused two years earlier?

Having closed factory and store, the fat cats on the Marks and Spencer board can now sit smugly back and pretend that to them the town of Grantham no longer exists.


Queensway, Grantham