We’d like to hear from those who are happy with hospital

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REGARDING your front page about the mother who felt she had been badly treated by Grantham Hospital.

I can understand the mother’s distress, a poorly child can be very frightening.

I wonder though, do you never get letters from people who have reason to be grateful for the care they receive at Grantham Hospital?

I’m sure you do but it seems none of them warrant front page attention. I don’t question the right to criticise, but let’s hear the other side of the story where people are happy with treatment.

A few weeks ago I had to dial 999 in the middle of the night. The ambulance was here very swiftly, the paramedics were superb, as were the doctors and nurses in A&E and subsequently ward five where I spent a week.

Also, on Friday evening my grandson had an accident at home – he was bleeding profusely and so my daughter-in-law rushed him to Grantham Hospital A&E.

She cannot speak highly enough of the kindness and professionalism with which she and her son were treated. He was later sent to Lincoln Hospital who gave him the same care and attention.

Let’s hear from some more satisfied customers – who knows, one of them might even make the front page and it might help with the campaign to save our hospital.

I hope Jaiden is now feeling better and his mother is less distressed.



HAVING recently spent a short time in the EAU assessment ward at Grantham Hospital, I feel I must express my thanks and appreciation of the excellent care I received.

From housekeeping staff to consultants. Although they were rushed off their feet all of the time, they made an effort to listen and treat you as an individual.

The facilities provided were very good, and that includes the food.

If like me you had spent some time in two Yorkshire hospitals, you would realise how lucky you are to have this wonderful hospital in our town.

It must not be allowed to close.



FOLLOWING an accident I had on the Alma Park bus on Saturday 23rd April, I would like to say many thanks to Ann, the driver of the bus who provided first aid and stayed with me until an ambulance arrived.

I should like to thank also the paramedic and the nurse at the A&E unit at Grantham Hospital for dealing with the incident so quickly and proficiently.



In The Journal last Friday, “Mum’s fury at hospital” your lead story covers how Grantham Hospital A&E supposedly turned away of Michaela Sleney and her sick seven month old son Jaiden .

This incident highlights why so many of us have been campaigning for the restoration of a 24 hour paediatric consultant at Grantham Hospital.

Michaela is quoted as stating the symptoms shown by Jaiden included “crying, vomiting, shivering..” He was also unable to hold up his head. Whilst quite common, these are also some of the symptoms of meningitis. Jaiden needed checking out immediately, as the NHS Direct team had directed. Meningitis UK state “Meningitis can kill in under 4 hours”. Jaiden was not only initially turned away. After Michaela’s persistence, he then had to travel to Boston to get specialist care.

As Grantham continues to grow with more families moving into the area, we still lack the 24 hour critical care needed for our children at Grantham Hospital. The risk of a tragedy is increased by the loss of other local A&E units making Grantham Hospital the nearest place for residents in neighbouring Rutland and Leicestershire too.

How many unrecorded incidents are there of other sick babies and children turned away by Grantham Hospital A&E? Anyone with a similar experience to Michaela should let us know. SOS Grantham Hospital can be contact us on 01476 574748. We will treat any information as “In Confidence”.

Until we get the service at Grantham Hospital we need United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust are playing russian roulette with our children.

Charmaine Morgan

Chairman SOS Grantham Hospital