We must keep turbines off our countryside or suffer disastrous effect

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SOUTH Kesteven District Council planning officials have been overtaken by events as local opinion turns against the proliferation of wind turbine development.

Their effect on the landscape and the cumulative effect in general will be disastrous for the area.

In the parishes of Carlton Scroop and Hough on the Hill we have truly wonderful countryside that benefits, and is enjoyed by, residents and visitors alike, at the moment unspoilt by man-made development.

Heritage settings should be maintained and enhanced along with the encouragement of wildlife habitats.

The local riding school, which provides a splendid opportunity for many people, should be given the opportunity to help those people and not have their activities curtailed by unnecessary development such as wind turbines.

Do you know what the planning officials say? “The countryside is so free of obstacles, power lines, etc that it can absorb the building of additional turbines.”


Carlton Scroop Hall