We need a bypass to attract new businesses

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IS Grantham “really on the cusp of truly great things” (Journal, September 16), or does the “frosty reception for 4,000 home development proposal” (September 23) more accurately reflect readers’ opinions?

If we seriously want to get the message out to companies that Grantham is “a good place to do business” then the ongoing Grantham gridlock has to be resolved by providing the long-overdue East-West bypass - before building more residential properties.

These may well generate more council tax, but they would put even more stress on local infrastructure - not least upon Grantham traffic.

Imagine how attractive a Grantham with an East-West bypass would be to local, and indeed, national entrepreneurs.

We would have the right geography and logistics; we would have the right quality of life - for workers and executives at all levels. All we would need for Grantham is the right political will. The big question is: do we have that will?


Bourne Road, Colsterworth