Well done for bringing a Tesco to Bingham

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Readers will undoubtedly recall how I have been one of Bingham Town Council’s harshest critics.

However, I should like to take this opportunity to thank local councillors on this occasion, for surmounting the hostile opposition and having the courage to vote in favour of the new Tesco superstore.

The new Tesco is planned to be built in close proximity to the level crossing, which is causing residents concern about even more traffic congestion along Kirk Hill and Fairfield Street.

Tesco might like to take advantage of the new A46, by acquiring a portion of land adjacent Margidvnvm traffic Island where commercial planning consent has already been granted.

They could build a Tesco Extra, along with a national distribution centre.

Building the complex in the vicinity of the Island would keep traffic away from the railway crossing, and the A46 then becomes the principal feeder road for the superstore.

Tesco could possibly prevent Bingham from becoming a total ghost town.

Some shops in the Market Place are closing down already, so Tesco cannot be cited for their demise, because Britain’s largest retailer has not yet arrived.

Nigel J Starbuck