Well done to everyone who organised carnival

Grantham Carnival 2011, Parade, from Sation Road East car park to Wyndham Park. 504B
Grantham Carnival 2011, Parade, from Sation Road East car park to Wyndham Park. 504B
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Well done to the organisers of this year’s carnival parade in keeping the event going.

Having once again participated in this year’s carnival parade with Grantham Boxing Club, I failed to see who really benefited due to the parade not going down its normal route onto the High Street and ending in Wyndam Park.

There were more than enough full-time and part-time community police along the new route to marshal the parade on its old route.

It’s sad for me to have to say that the townsfolk were deprived of Grantham’s Carnival parade highlight, entering the High Street from top to bottom where people young and old get together once a year to cheer local volunteers whom spend many unpaid hours preparing floats for a part of Grantham’s history.

What on earth did the authorities do years ago when the parade was entering its finishing stage at Arnoldfield, and it was still coming out of the Aveling Barfords factory at Houghton Road - the town came to a stand for many hours.

Still, maybe if the carnival organisers submit an application now for next year’s carnival and then another reminder in six months’ time, it might sink in and the authorities might be able to close the roads for an hour or two, and we can have the parade back down its normal route.

Let’s face it the County Council highways department with their pathetic rules on how to direct the traffic in and out of Grantham have managed to close the town’s roads down for the past 10 years.

Special thanks the Journal team for looking after our bags whilst taking part in the parade.

Dean Fardell

Grantham Boxing Club