What ever happened to the war memorial at our railway station?

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I WONDER if any of the Journal’s readers might help me to solve a problem, especially any who worked at Grantham Railway Station, in the Loco or on the platform.

I am a member of the Royal British Legion, Grantham branch, who meet at the Prince William of Gloucester Barracks on the second Tuesday of each month. It really is a lovely, social occasion.

At the last meeting I was asked if I would photograph all the war memorials around Grantham. I enjoyed doing this and the lady at Fruehauf and Huffey Group (former Aveling Barford site) found the memorial at the factory and put a poppy wreath on it.

I thought that there was a memorial at the railway station on platform 2 (now platform 1 after alterations). If I remember correctly, it was above the Up Platform inspector’s office, next to the buffet.

I have made enquiries at the station, but no one knows anything about it. Perhaps any retired porters may remember it, or better still know where it went?


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