What have you done to Grantham’s market?

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AFTER a recent foray into the town centre, can somebody please tell me what has happened to Grantham’s Saturday market, of late?

I happened to ride my bike down into the town to get a couple of things. I got to the Blue Bull pub expecting – as is normally the case – a selection of stalls infront of me, but nothing.

The road was closed (why, I dont know – could someone please explain), so I rode further down Westgate.

Still I saw nothing until I got to the market place.

There was a handful of traders dotted around our lovely new paved area, and not much else. Pitiful is the only word that can describe this town.

Come on landlords, the council and councillors: attract some businesses for crying out loud, or the only shops left will be mobile phone stores, charity shops, banks, take-aways and supermarkets.


Somerby Hill