What makes Grantham a truly great place to be?

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WHAT makes Grantham great? Not Lincolnshire Police or South Kesteven District Council, that’s for sure.

Firstly the police say they didn’t have the budget or manpower to allow this year’s carnival to proceed along High Street, which it has done since I can recall.

Why? Most of the policing used to be carried out by Specials. We have more now than we ever did, and PCSOs to boot. (In the first police car leading the parade there were two officers to drive one car!)

Will the next Spalding Flower Festival be cancelled due to the cost of the policing? It again was mainly undertaken by Specials.

If it goes ahead as planned, then why weren’t those Specials asked to help police our carnival as they are drawn from across the county?

Secondly, why does SKDC require six months’ notice in order to get anything done in this town?

They knew, as did the police, that this carnival takes place every year. I fail to understand why these bureaucrats require this length of notice, what do they do all day except look after Bourne? They should be there to provide the people of Grantham with a service, no matter the length of notice and especially to assist with our carnival.

I suspect the new policing method introduced on June 1 has everything to do with the re-direction of this year’s carnival parade.

We were supposed to see more police on the streets: I’ve not seen them, has anyone else? They have to curtail expenditure, but I’ve seen no explanation as to how this was achieved at this year’s carnival.

Will Stamford, Sleaford, Bourne not receive policing/SKDC assistance for their major event of the year? I would suggest they will.

So what makes Grantham great? The people who turned out to welcome the efforts of those who contributed to the carnival parade, certainly not our police or SKDC.


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