What planet is our MP Nick Boles on?

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Just what planet is Nick Boles really on? Now, despite his unelected Government taxing us all to the hilt at every opportunity, he wants us to give our ‘spare’ food into the Grantham Foodbank.

Now normally I have no problem with this, and indeed would eagerly support it, if it wasn’t for the fact that he has continuously supported giving our money away to countries that don’t need it.

This is the third occasion in a short space of time that I have given Mr Boles the opportunity to respond to this very emotive and important subject.

I assume that he does read the Grantham Journal letters page, so come on Mr Boles, try to justify what you support without giving us all the usual flannel that we hear from you on a regular basis.

Give our hard-earned taxes to our own people who need it.

Yours, a very disgruntled (and never again) Conservative Grantham voter.

Joe Adkins

Worcester Road