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When the recycling refuse (Grey Bin) was not collected in my area of Gonerby Hill Foot last week I telephoned the Depot to enquire the reason for this because cars and other vehicles had been getting in and out okay. I was informed that it was left to the drivers to decide if they could or could not access any particular road/street/avenue. I was then told that my recycling refuse would be collected in two weeks time at the next normal collection day. This week was the turn of the Landfill Waste (Black Bin) and I noticed that some of my neighbours had left both the Grey and Black bins out, knowing what I had already been told by the Depot I did not put my Grey Bin out. Well, surprise, surprise, the Landfill Refuse vehicle came round my neighbourhood today and emptied both bins if they had been left out. I have read just recently that people have been prosecuted, or bins left unemptied, because the wrong waste had been placed in the wrong bin. Well come on SKDC, how do explain this one, or do you have people waiting at the Landfill Site ready to separate the two different types of waste?

Confused Council Tax Payer

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