White powder in woods was perfectly harmless

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I write in response to the letter ‘Beware white powder in the woods’ (March 18).

I am sorry to hear about Ms Leeson’s dog being ill, but would like to reassure her that it could not have been due to the ‘strange white powder on a fallen branch’ as that white powder was indeed flour, as she correctly alludes to in her letter, which was laid to mark out a trail to follow for members of the running group to which I belong.

As a member of the Rutland Hash House Harriers we meet every Sunday morning at a variety of locations covering a large area from Grantham to as far south as Peterborough to enjoy a run in the countryside, woodlands, villages and sometimes more urban areas.

New members are always welcome - www.rutlandhhh.co.uk.

S. High

(Full name and address suplied)