Why are the petrol prices so high at two A1 garages near Grantham?

Petrol pump
Petrol pump
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AS I travel around the country, I have noticed that most of the petrol stations are playing fair and putting down their prices as the wholesale price comes down, except for two on the A1 north of Grantham.

Their price has not come down one penny in months.

In fact, I see in the last day or two that one has put up its price by 3p, an all-time rip-off.

In another vein, I would like to point out to some careless drivers that come on to a main road from a slip road, that you do not have the right of way, even if you have your indicator on.

You wait until there is a space in the traffic so you can pull out.

I have had a few heart-stopping times because of idiots like these.

I would also like to say how many drivers no longer use their indicators.

How do we know where they are going?

We are not mind readers, then if we run into them we would get the blame.

So, just think and don’t be lazy.


Queensway, Grantham