Why can’t postmen deliver?

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I refer to some of your letters in last weeks journal. “ postmen not delivering mail “

What a nanny state we live in I am a OAP But I still have to venture out on the pavements and drive.Why can’t postmen I can remember when we had to walk to school in all weathers. In the 50s and 60s “And “the school never shut, Postmen, Coalmen, milkmen, bakers ,delivered door to door a bit of snow and ice did’nt stop them. But now if pupils don’t go in a nice warm car and mothers in a nice warm car too.the same as teachers they don’t go or shut the school.Postmen not delivering because roads and pavement unsafe.In the 50s & sixties when we used to get very severe weather Women delivered the mail at christmas as well as men “casual” labour and have to walk to the gpo to pick the mail up first now people have no mail because the say its unsafe.so people have to wait for mail until the sun shines But the weather is not stopping others from getting to the door are our glorious postmen too soft.


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