Why don’t planners use plain English?

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Do Highway planners (an oxymoron if ever there was one) all go to the same school of rubbish speak?

David Mather wrote: ‘Making the area more accessible to pedestrians’ – Does he mean ‘removing cars’?

He adds: ‘As well as improving the vitality of the area.’

The Market Place has been in existence since Medieval times – laying hundreds of thousands of pounds of York slabs hardly makes the Market Place grow.

He goes on: ‘To create a dynamic, vibrant outdoor space.’ This is Grantham, England, not Cannes on the Riviera.

In the winter it is too cold to sit outside and the rest of the year it is too wet.

Occasionally we have a nice sunny day but pedestrians are hampered by chairs, tables and wafts of smoke floating across the sun-kissed York paving slabs.

Basically he is saying we have decided to waste even more money that could be spent on other things like pothole repair, uneven slabs and drop kerbs in the rest of the town by building a Rolls Royce solution where it is not wanted or needed.

Steve Cattell