Why hasn’t Dysart Road got any traffic calming?

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I’m writing on behalf of a lot of people who live on, or around the Dysart Road area.

We have no zebra crossing, no traffic lights and no calming speed bumps, yet we have Sir Isaac Newton, Earl of Dysart, Ambergate, and St Hugh’s schools – plus Cheeky Chimps day nursery.

This is a very busy and dangerous road. We have a Co-op, The Priory pub and a chip shop which can all become very congested throughout the day.

We get lorries parking outside the chip shop on the kerb, which blocks the view to come out of Brading Avenue to enter Dysart Road. We also have to deal with cars parking on double yellow lines outside The Priory, plus cars pulling in and out of the Co-op – even though there is a small car park at the back.

On school mornings there is a lollipop man for an hour outside Sir Isaac Newton School, and again at school leaving time, and even he gets distressed with the drivers using the road as a race track.

Something has got to be done with this road as it’s such a long stretch from Barrowby coming into town, and cars use this road travelling at high speed.

I did speak to the Highways Agency about it, but received no correspondence from them. A child will be killed before long. I just don’t understand how there was a zebra crossing put in on Goodliff Road, and yet there are no schools in the area?

Miss L Lewin

via email