Why not join a group that welcomes all?

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David Burling: I read with interest your column (29th July).

There are several groups in Grantham making an effort to encourage integration between nationalities, religious beliefs and cultures. I am involved with one group which was originally called ‘Women’s International Friendship and Support Group’.

We meet on Tuesday mornings for coffee and a chat about any aspect of our daily lives, and offer support with language and communication.

We speak English, and anyone with a question about the English language gets help from either the English members, or from someone who has experienced similar difficulties understanding our use of English in Grantham.

We should be more open-minded about immigration, looking at the positive side as well as the negative. Every town in every country has problems with bad behaviour and difficult neighbours.

My phone number is 01400 250601 and we meet in the Jubilee Christian Fellowship Church on St Catherine’s Road on Tuesday mornings at 10.30am. We are having a short break and meetings will re-commence 23rd August.

Pat Simpson

International Friendship Group