Why was expert advice on Tesco plan ignored?

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I was disappointed to read that Tesco’s Bingham planning application has been approved (subject to a footbridge being built).

I would be grateful for an explanation as to why the borough councillors believe that they are better qualified to judge on this matter than Rushcliffe’s Planning Department, who in turn had sought the services of an Independent Consultant; ie. an expert in such matters.

Are we, the tax payers, then to conclude that the borough councillors will now be looking into what they surely must now conclude as ‘wasted revenue’, engaging experts whose opinions can so easily be disregarded?

I would also be grateful for your comments on information that is now circling around Bingham that councillors received a letter from Tesco stating that they would take legal action if the planning application was rejected.

I have inserted an excerpt from a recent newsletter from the local action group. Please make any comments if you consider any of the information to be incorrect. In any event I would like a reply to my comments above from the councillors involved in making this decision:

“Our Town Council (and other local Parish councils) together with a majority of the public were against the proposal and concerns have also been expressed by our County Councillor.

Rushcliffe’s Planning Department spent considerable time and effort (including the time and expense of an independent consultant) before coming to the conclusion that most of the public were against the scheme, and that it would be detrimental to the existing town centre. As this is against planning policy, the Planners’ Report recommended that the Borough Committee reject the proposal.”

And yet, last Thursday ten of the fifteen committee members, including our own Mayor (Mrs Stockwood) and another Bingham Town Councillor (Cllr Purdue-Horan), decided to disregard the advice of their own professionals and the results of public consultation and voted to approve the Tesco proposal subject to the building of a footbridge over the railway line.

S. McGill

(Bingham Resident)