Why won’t anyone help rid us of feral youths?

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WITH reference to the anti-social behaviour in the Harrowby ward.

I live in the area where these cowardly thugs roam. The last two years have been like a never-ending nightmare. This once pleasant area to live in has become almost the opposite.

This can be attributed to a group of mostly school-age, unsociable, feral youths, who roam the area day and night (I have seen and heard them at 4am).

They have no respect for anyone’s property or possessions, nor do they have any respect for the houses they live in.

No property or garden is out of bounds to them, no accessible roof unclimbed. I have witnessed their anti-social behaviour on many occasions and have also been on the receiving end of it. Any challenge to them is met with foul language, obscene gestures, derision and retaliation.

Those youths of school age don’t go to school, they are roaming around every day. What happened to prosecution of parents who fail to send their children to school?

Being skint or lack of free entertainment is not a reason for this anti-social behaviour, nor should Coun Bruce Wells say this.

Many people are in this situation but the majority are law-abiding citizens.

For various different but related reasons: try poor parenting, little or no discipline from an early age, lack of morals, drug-taking, jealousy, avarice and total contempt for the society they live in and that pays to keep them - they refuse to play a positive role in society.

Sgt Gilmore says: “There has been no violence.”

Does that make it ok then? Because sooner or later it will happen. Where on the scale of one to 10 does he rate arson? I have seen two of the youths with petrol cans, which I did mention to the police and the council.

What is our blinkered council doing? In whose houses are these youths living? Are they afraid to do anything? What about the rights of decent, honest, hard-working people? We do not appear to have any rights whatsoever any more - and yet these yobs have the ‘right’ to roam free and destroy communities.

Please don’t anyone say ‘National Service’ if and when they are old enough. Why would our brave servicemen and women want these cowards in their midst?


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