Wild speculation is not helpful to King’s pupils

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WITH reference to Dr O. M. Thomas’ letter published in last weeks Journal, and as we have made abundantly clear in our consultation process, there will be no change to the admissions or selection of pupils for The King’s School.

Over 100 grammar schools have become Selective Academies across the country, to date.

Their existing admissions arrangements are protected by a contract signed by the Secretary of State for Education, and the same will be true of The King’s School after August 1.

This contract produced by Government, is a seven-year “rolling” contract which can never be broken without seven years’ notice, so no child who has started in a grammar school can be cheated of the full grammar school education he has chosen and duly earned.

Nor is there any intention from the Government or from the school that the contract should be broken.

There is no “shame”, but only hundreds of hours of careful research, underlying our decision.

My own office will now be closed for a summer holiday until August 18, and so I will be unable to respond to any more queries of this sort until then. The finance office will be fully committed to the legal and accounting changes necessary for Academy Status.

I do hope that our children, parents and staff can enjoy their summer break untroubled by any further speculation likely to cause doubt or fear over their futures.


Head Master

The King’s School, Grantham