Will they have any answers at Question Time?

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Let’s examine the evidence as to why ANY of this lot should have our time wasted upon them.

Nick Boles: confidante and friend of David Cameron who (Boles) said he wanted ‘Chaos’ in local government. Former member of a right wing think tank. Also the man who said on Newsnight on July 18th 2011 that the News Corporation phone hacking scandal was ‘a little local difficulty puffed up by Labour.’

David Burling: Member of a failed political party.

Richard Davies: Lincolnshire County Council Member. An authority which has presided over the lowest achievements in serving the public for years.

After all, LCC was in the vanguard of the great privatisation fiascos of the 80s - testing out Tory legislation on us. It has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on a new logo and stationery, when services were being cut to the vulnerable, and were the subject of criticism by Inspectors.

Bijal Ladva: member of Grantham Business Club - a quango which has seemingly inserted itself into SKDC - with little success thus far. Then some businesses have the gall to blame the public for their failures in these very pages.

They make me feel proud to be a part of this ‘community’.

Paul Wheatley: LCC Head of Regeneration. Is it a Sci-Fi movie? What a job title. Great job so far in Grantham, Paul.

SKDC Representative: It doesn’t matter if they send one of the pigeons from the roof of the Council Chamber; it would probably make more sense.

Mark Heaton: LCC Highways. An organisation which has spent how much of our money on filling puddles with cold tarmac on Gorse Lane? The answer is to ban HGVs - they are responsible for the majority of the damage.

Highways, LCC and SKDC councillors say it is not possible to ban HGVs. In fact it is a matter of public record that one SKDC Councillor told us to ‘make a slalom of our cars to make it difficult for the HGVs to use Gorse Lane’.

The time for talk is long past. Especially with this lot. It is the political and economic system of the country and in microcosm Grantham that is at fault.

None of the above have a clue.

Anth Hindmarch

Gorse Lane, Grantham