Wind turbine safeguards

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I HAVE written to local councillors about plans for wind turbines locally.

I hope they are listening to us and to the Prime Minister, who said: “Wind farms built across the British countryside have been over subsidised and wasteful of public money”, to the county council which has made strong recommendations that permission for wind turbines should not be granted unless they meet strict criteria, and to residents, because once built, we will have to suffer them for years to come.

If we are to have on-shore wind turbines please can:

1. The financial case be proven without subsidies.

2. The siting of them be agreed by those who will have to live near them

3. A benefit to the locality be established.

I urge the councillors to stand up and fully represent the views of their electorate and help to preserve the beautiful unspoilt countryside in the region.

John Hope-Hawkins

Carlton Ashes,

Hough on the Hill.