Workers showed no respect for Grantham grave tribute

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With regards to the letter last week “cemetery guys do a good job”, I agree with the comment about the two men I see regulary working at the cemetery.

They are good and very friendly, but the men who cut the grass this time around left the cemetery in the worst state I have ever seen in the four years I’ve been going there.

Both my nan and grandad are buried close to the grave which was the subject of a recent Journal report about grass cutting at the cemetery.

I lost my nan in 2008.

I then cared for my grandad until he sadly passed away in June 2011, three days before my 30th birthday. It was the worst time of my life.

I decided that with the money left to me from my nan and grandad I would fulfil my grandad’s biggest wish – and my husband and two children visited my dad and step mum in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, on the first anniversary of his death.

It was our first time abroad, our holiday of a lifetime and my children got to meet their grandma and grandad.

While I was there I bought an ornament for my nan and grandad’s grave just to show them I had been to America and to say thank you.

When I got home, I placed it next to their headstone.

On the day the grass was cut I visited the grave and couldn’t believe what I found among the piles of wet, cut grass.

My ornament was smashed, and the pieces were everywhere. I hadn’t even put them on the grass.

My husband collected up all the bits he could find and I went to see the ladies in the office to tell them what had happend.

They said they would put in a complaint on my behalf.

I was told a few days later that because there were seven men cutting the grass that day, they didn’t know who did it, but they were sorry.

That doesen’t help, though, because it’s not as if I can jump on a plane and get another one!

After crying to my dad on the phone, he has managed to find another ornament and is sending it over to me from America, but will this one be safe?

I know we haven’t had the best weather for cutting grass and it did get rather long, but this time round it was left in a disgusting state, showing no respect for the graves or the people who had to clean up after them.

I find comfort in visiting my nan and grandad, cleaning the headstone and putting out fresh flowers.

All they had to do was cut the grass and they couldn’t even do that properly.

You trust the people who work there to take care of the grave, as you do.

Lisa Harris

(By email)