Would Grantham vote for a Mayor?

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I READ with interest the article by the Mayor as he tries to justify the extravagant and unnecessary position he now holds.

Firstly he tries to talk up his position by using charities as a smokescreen.

The causes he has chosen, although worthwhile, could easily get the same amount of money if various money raising events were carried out by South Kesteven District Council.

His own article seems to indicate that it is the work of others that ensures charitable events are a success, and his Mayoral position takes the praise.

The Mayor then goes on to state that his other duties are to promote the town: well it would appear that with shops closing hand over fist, and locals leaving Grantham to go to Newark and Melton to shop, he and his predecessors are not doing a good job, so where he gets the impression that our economy and employment is being helped is anyone’s guess.

The Mayor quotes the late John Hurst by saying that, ‘Traditions must be protected at all costs.’

I would agree with this statement, but only if the tax-payer can afford it, which in the age of austerity we clearly cannot.

I would like to see the Mayor try to justify the cost of his position to the vulnerable people of this town who have lost various public services due to government cut-backs.

As has been mentioned before, Grantham Museum provided many an enjoyable visit to locals and visitors in their hundreds, and I am sure that many folk would have rather kept their museum than town Mayor.

The Chancellor George Osbourne has said: “We are all in this together,” so how can the mayor justify his gas-guzzling mayoral car, and driver?

Is there any reason why a smaller more economical car can’t be purchased, and Mr Mayor drive himself about?

Better still use his own car and claim mileage; of course he could always take a leaf out of Peter Davies, the Doncaster Mayor’s book, who did away with the mayoral car altogether, and used his own or public transport, but then again Mr Davies was a man of the people.

What would end these various arguments altogether, is to have a referendum, and let the people decide, if they want a Mayor or not, after all, it is their money that pays for it, so how about it Mr Mayor? Let’s see democracy in action.


Belton Lane, Grantham