Young people can benefit from work experience

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AFTER reading John Morgan’s letter headlined Does Nick Boles support slavery? (Journal, March 9) I felt that I simply had to pen a reply.

I was amazed at his bizarre point of view, the writer just does not get what the work experience scheme is all about. It is not about money at all, it is a scheme to get young people into the work place to gain valuable knowledge and experience.

Back in the 1980s there was a scheme called YTS - Youth Training Scheme. It was a scheme that paid young people very little in the initial stages, but they all ended up with skills, work ethics and qualifications, which they are benefiting from to this day.

Men of my generation did National Service in the armed forces for two years, we were paid peanuts, but the knowledge and experience gained was invaluable to most of us in later life.

Learning something new is far more valuable than sitting at home playing on the computer and drawing Job Seeker’s Allowance for doing nothing constructive at all.

I don’t very often agree with Nick Boles point of view, but I do on this one.