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Valentine's Day. EMN-140331-100938001
Valentine's Day. EMN-140331-100938001
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What a caring lot we are in the Grantham area! Readers’ Valentine’s messages will make you smile, weep...and say “ahh!”

Wendy: I love you eternally with all my heart and want only to waltz through life with you. Paul xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jamie: Happy Valentine’s Day, Thank you for all your support love you millions, Donna xxxx

Smith, Paul: Love you loads, Louise and Skye xx

Babycakes: Love you always...Love Your Babycakes xxx

Fowler, Robert: You are everything to me and have given me the best 15 years. Love you xx

FIONA: You are and always will be my only Valentine. I love you, JON

Happy Valentine’s my hubby Kev: 16 years together, I love you more than ever xxx Kel

Roger Taylor: Happy Valentine’s Day to my darling husband love you always and forever xx

Eales, Paul: 34 years is a long time to love someone, we have had our ups and downs but we fight for another day, I love you more every single day we are together, my rock, my soulmate, my Valentine, much love always, xxxx

Louise Saunby: I love you lots and your ggs. Love Nick xxxxx

LIAM: Happy Valentine’s Babe. I love you forever & a day. Lindsey xxxxxx

Dooses: Happy Valentines Day, I Love You! Love Roosie xXxXx

Happy Valentine’s Day Rachel: Love you more than words can say, now and forever

Rachel Scoffin: You are my world and my everything, happy Valentine’s Day, love you millions, Jamie

Simon Caudwell: I love you with all my heart. You’ll always be my Valentine. Love M

Love you to the moon and back: Louise, Luke, Angel, Roxy, Kenzie xxx

Asta Majauskaite: I love you more than words can describe! My beautiful :)

You mean the world to me: love you more each day, can’t wait to marry u xxxxccc

KATHRYN SUMNER: 20 years into forever , all my love, Mark xx

Paul Graham Bacon: We have been through so much, and I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and I always will. Always and Forever. J

MADDISON SUMNER: To the most gorgeous girl in the world, love Daddy xx

Matt Carlin : Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you for everything. I love you so much xxxx

Matt Carlin: Happy Valentine’s Day Daddy. You’re the best. Love you so much. Your princess xxxx

SJ: You stole my heart from that first moment our eyes met. Elizabeth x

RUMMY: You’ve turned my world around in just few weeks. Thank you. You’re Ace. Elizabeth x

Matty: I love you today, I love you tomorrow, I love you forever…till I die…

Jake & Sophia: Love you so much all the world, Mum xx

SJ ( RUMMY ): I Did it! Happy Valentine’s Day. Love your sweetheart x

Paul: Love you forever and a day, your loving wife Caroline

Bills, Natalie: We have done it, happy Valentine’s,love you loads xxx xxx xxx

SNOW WHITE: My love for you just keeps growing and growing. Ray XXX

Heather Temple: Since the moment we got together my life has been filled with love and joy, laughs and tears and I wouldn’t change a thing in the 10 years that we have been together. You are an amazing mum to our three wonderful kids and you are a wonderful, loving, caring partner that I will always love you xxxxx happy Valentine’s Day

Fovargue, Michelle: Happy Valentine’s Day to my gorgeous, loving, wonderful wife. Love you more! Martyn xxx

Tammy Woods: Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful, thank you for completing me. I love you millions xxxxxxxxxx

Hedwig Barns: Owl always love you!

Dominic Whittington: U are an amazing fiancee who I love with all my heart forever xxxxxxxx Love from Matthew, Jack and Maisie x

Jonathan Spendlow: Love you with all my heart, thank you for all you do, with love always forever yours xxxx Marj

Adrian: Love you to the moon and back, forever yours, K

Kim Reidy: Just wanted to tell you on this special day I love you so much and you mean the world to me, many years to come together yet for us, I love you loads, Bryan xxxxxxx

NOORI, DONNA: We will be together soon, thanks so much for last week, MARC xx

Donna Hughes: Happy Valentine’s Day freckles. All my love

Cant, Lee: Happy Valentine’s Day, lots and lots of love Emma, your two boys Jack and Bump xxx

Bel: I lovingly adore you, Big T x

Pearcey: Love u world n Bk Lisa Xx

Stephen: Love u lots and Lotsies

Carl Egan: To flossy, can’t wait for next year! Love bossy xx

Leeta Mole: My heart belongs to you. All my love forever, Richard Shores xxx

Jamie Darby: Happy Valentine’s Day babe, I love you with all my heart, yours forever, Natalie xx

Natalie Smith: Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life, you’re everything to me, Jamie xx

Troy McDonald:You’ll always be my Valentine. Love ya always Your babe x

Ginger Boy: Thanks for your love, support and that you make me laugh.

Gregory, Aimee: My beautiful amazing wife. I love you lots and lots like jelly tots xxxx

Gary: I love you with all my heart and always will, all my love Melissa Mmwah xxxxxxxxxxxx

Daddy: We love you so much, have a great Valentine’s Day, love Mummy Grace and Charlie xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sharon Topham: I love you more each day! Happy Valentine babe. All my love,

Micky Taylor: Can’t wait to become Mrs Tayor in August. Love Nic xxxxx

Honeybee: I will wait for u for as long as it takes. We were meant to be together. Love Sweetie xxx

Mysexyman: I love you more than words could describe. Beach body (wink) love u forever X

Mat: I can’t wait to marry you in Mexico. Love always from ur future wife Gemsxxx

Daddy: Will you be our Valentine, love u lots & lots, Ellie, Olivia & Holly xxx

SAMANTHA WHEELDON: I love you more today than yesterday but never as much as tomorrow xx

Scott Chapman: Happy Valentine’s Day Dad, thank you for everything, love you all the world and more

Ray McDonald: Happy Valentine’s Day Pops, my rock, my world, my everything, thank you for being my hero, love you

Mick Parke: Love u to the moon and back, here’s to a better yr. Minnie xx

Shane Tinker: Babe you are my world. I love you with all my heart. Love Hayley xx

Olivia,Ruby,Keane Parke: U will always be my Valentine. Love u loads. Mum x

Slevin, Mum & Dad: Thank u for everything, love u both loads, Minnie x

Darren: you are my best friend, love you your baby Annxxxx

Alan doll: Happy Valentine’s Day, love you loads, Debra xxx

To Smudge: Love you always and always...loads of love and stuff,Tolabag.XXXX

Paul Bond: Happy Valentine’s Day dude. Love you lots. Love Becky xxx

Paul Bond: Happy Valentine’s Day Daddy, lots of love Raya xxx

Gartland, Sid: You’re my everything I love you so very much always and forever.Love Smila x

Jason: Love u so much, ur amazing, thanks 4 everything u do, love u always

Louise Smith: To my beautiful wife, you are my everything, love you so much xxx

Darren Bills: Happy Valentine’s baby cakes. Love you crazy. Natalie xxx

Darren Bills: Happy Valentine’s Day to the best daddy in the world. Phoebe, Fiona, Damian xxx

Maggie Smith: Happy Valentine’s day. All my love Nigel. XXXX

Happy Valentine’s day hubby: love you longtime forever and always, ur wifey for lifey xxxxx

Martin Wormall: You are my rock! I love you so much! Always and forever! XxxxxX

Jack and George: We love you all the world and more!! Love Mum and Dad xxxx

Kiah Deakin: Happy Valentine’s Day polo, thanks for making me so happy baby, love you loads Paul xxxxx

Zoe: You are my world I’m so lucky to have you in my life, you are so beautiful, love you to the moon and back,love you Mart xxx

Marie Sparks: A very Happy Anniversary and Valentine’s Day, All my love. Steve xxx

Lea: Love you always and forever. You will always be my Valentine, love Andrew.

Leia Page: You have given me so much love and happiness, you’re my life

Jackie Sayer: My soulmate, my best friend, I love you sooooo much xxx

Stacey Limb: Happy Valentine’s Day you beautiful person xx

Sophie Kay: Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful girl, K

John Trafford: Thank u for all the years u have given me, love u lots, wife Fran

Jon Parker: I would just like to say I love u always xxx

Michael Burton: Thanks 4 great weekend away, ur my world, love u always pkl x

Stezza: I think you’re ace. Tami x

Love you Sophie Dobson!

Marie: you have made my life complete, I love you so much, love your toyboy xxx

Jamie Earl: The most important man in our lives. Love always Jodie & Jaycie xxxxxx

Tina Marshall: Love you more every day we are together, thank you for everything xx

NICK ESAM: You mean the world to me and I love you more and more each day xxxxxxx

Adam: Happy Valentine’s Day! Our first of many. I love you so much xx

Bella: Happy Valentine’s Day to my one and only, I love you x

Lyndon Manson: Happy Valentine’s babe. Love you to pieces and always will. Lots of love xxxxxx

Tracey Hewitt: Love u loads, Ady xx

Heidi White: Lots of love always, Bob xx

Sam Rogers: Love you millions Darling! xxxx Jessy xxxx

Alby Fox: Love you millions, always in my heart and always will be, love Tammy xx

Paul Bacon: Always and Forever. I love you and I always will. All my love Jen xxx

Love you millions always and forever: 12 days and you will be my wife xxxx

Lisa Tilley: I am here for you, love is meant for two. xxx

Lee: My prince, always and forever. Love your soon to be Holmes. Xxx

Rebecca Webster: Happy Valentine’s, love you loads, love Paul xx

Julie Ann Baines: I love you with all my heart

Tracie Tarver: You’re Amazing, Sexy, Funny, Gorgeous And Mine.Love U ALWAYS Beautiful. Sid xx

SexySmila: You’re my moon, my stars, my everything. Love u always, Sid xxx

Carly Short: You are my rock, my life, my everything, love you beautiful, your snitchit X

Carly Short: You’re the most amazing mum ever, love Maisie, Esme, Freddie, Perrie and Tiffany X

Tanya: U r the 1 4 me :)! Python xxx

Dave: Love you always and forever. Kaz xxx

Gray, Darren: Happy Valentine’s Day, thank you for everything, love you lots, Kelly xxxx

Adam Smith: I love you with all my heart. 6 years have gone fast but many more to come. Love your wife

Kim Smith: Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife, I love you with all my heart

Peter Johnson: 19 Valentines later and you still have my heart..always have, always

Peter Johnson: Daddy I love you lots and lots like jelly tots, from your Princess Paige Xx

Roo Henton-Hill: I love you so much sweetheart. Doosie xxxx

Ryan De Ath: I think about every day I love you CH xx

Paul Hardingham: Thank you being an amazing husband and daddy. Love you lots. Rachel x x

Perry: I love you more and more as each day passes. Love from Megan xx

Barbara: Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you so much. From ANNA and Izabella and Kevin xx

Naim: Happy Valentine’s Day. Love you xx Anna xx

To my gorgeous wife: Happy Valentine’s Day princess, love you millions. Ricky, Xxxxxxxxxxx

Neal Coverley:My love for you get’s stronger and stronger each day. Love you xxxx Lynda

Dowsett, Ann: A Special Lady, A Special Day, A Special Love. All My Love, Phil x

Darren Arnold: You’re my soulmate and I love you always and forever.I am looking forward to our wedding day.So Happy Valentine’s Day babe, love you for eternity xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lynda & Neal Coverley: Love you loads, from your 4 legged family. Ruby, Gemma & Treacle xxx

Simon Frankish: Love you with all my heart, forever and always, Stace xxxx

Jd: Still love you after all the years we’ve been together, Happy Valentine’s Day my darling, Johnny Xxx

Scott Haley: Love u with all my heart baby... urs now and forever, Annie

Simon Clay: I love you with all my heart, you’re a great husband and my mate and most of all an amazing dad. What we have is special, must be, still in love after 19 years. Love you Si boy x x x x

Skerritt, Leigh: My sexy Valentine. I love you so much. Love Natalie Xxxxxxxxx

Annie: To the most beautiful woman in my life and forever, I love you, happy Valentine’s xxxx

Heather Vangasse: To my special Valentine, lots of love now and always, Andy xxxx

HOPKINS, GARY: To an amazing hubby and daddy,I love you all the world.Your wifey xx

Polly Carter: One of the best girlfriends I have ever had. Happy Valentine’s Day. Xxx

Beverley: Love you loads, here’s to another year of us together xxx

Atter, Tim: I love you so much. Thank you for being you and making me smile. Tasha xxx

ALAN HAYES: Be my Valentine forever and always xxx

ALAN HAYES: My absolute world, love you. X

Happy Valentine’s Day my darling Katrina: Be mine always. xxxx