ATHLETICS: Busy weekend for Grantham AC members

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Grantham Athletic Club members were active again all weekend, with the under-13s and under-15s contesting the first match in the Youth Development League at Derby on Saturday.

Twenty-seven GAC athletes took part in a day that saw 61 personal bests achieved and seven club records equalled or bettered.

There were outstanding performances from under-13s Amy Hunt in the 150m and Helen Braybrook in the 1200m, ranking them third and 25th respectively in the country.

In the under-15 girls’, Abbie Byron equalled the 300m club record whilst the 4x300m relay team set a new GAC best. New club records were also set by the under-15 boys’ 4x100m and 4x300m teams. Sam Cartwright recorded a new 300m individual club record.

The Grantham team finished second overall on the day in a very hard fought competition against Derby, Newark, Sutton in Ashfield and Mansfield.

Grantham AC train at The Meres on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7pm (6pm Wednesdays for under-11s).

Results: female under-13, 75m - 5A G. Lucas 12.5s pb, 1B F. Sheard 11.4s pb; 150m - 1A A. Hunt 20.1s pb cr, 1B H. Braybrook 22.2s pb; 800m - 1A A. Hunt 2m 37.2s pb, 3B A. Halton 3m 8.3s pb; 1200m - 1A H. Braybrook 4m 7.3s pb cr, 2B F. Veasey 5m 56.9s pb; 70m hurdles - 5A G. Lucas 15.1s pb, 4B F. Veasey 16.1s pb; high jump - 1A F. Sheard 1.33m pb; long jump - 2A A. Halton 4.17m pb, 2B F. Sheard 4.02m pb; shot - 1A A. Hunt 7.17m pb; javelin - 5A H. Braybrook 10.12m pb, 5B G. Lucas 7.28m pb; 4x100m relay - 2 Grantham AC 59.3s.

Female under-15, 100m - 1A K. Bavin-Davis 14.0s pb, 1B F. Ireland 14.1s; 200m - 2A K. Bavin-Davis 29.1s pb, 1B A. Byron 28.6s pb; 300m - 2A A. Byron 47.0s pb =cr, 3A H. Sharp 54.2s pb; 800m - 5A H. Sharp 3m 8.3s; 1500m - 3A S. Hunt 5m 56.9s; 75m hurdles - 4A E. Jacobs 17.2s pb, 4B S. Hunt 20.2s pb; high jump - 2A E. Jacobs 1.30m pb; long jump - 4A F. Ireland 4.14m, 2B H. Sharp 3.97m; shot - 2A A. Byron 6.80m, 2B M. Holmes 5.52m; discus - 2A G. Lord 16.15m pb, 1B M. Holmes 11.38m; javelin - 4A G. Lord 8.73m pb, 2B F. Ireland 6.39m pb; hammer - 1A G. Lord 25.73m pb, 1B S. Hunt 12.41m; 4x100m relay - 3 Grantham AC 58.6s; 4x300m relay - 3 Grantham AC 3m 48.1s cr.

Male under-13, 100m - 2B G. Lee 14.7s pb; 800m - 4A J. Davey 3m 5.6s pb; 1500m - 2A R. Rodell 5m 36.9s pb; 75m hurdles - 1A G. Lee 15.9s pb; high jump - 4A O. Wordsworth 1.10m; long jump - 4A G. Lee 3.81m pb, 4B J. Davey 3.06m pb; shot - 4A O. Wordsworth 4.95m pb; javelin - 3A O. Wordsworth 13.65m pb; 4x100m relay - 3 Grantham AC 62.5s.

Male under-15, 100m - 1A S. Cartwright 12.2s pb, 1B I. Brown 13.6s pb; 200m - 4A L. Davey 26.7s pb, 1B O. Jakes 26.2s pb; 300m - 2A S. Cartwright 42.4s pb cr, 2B A. Hunt 48.6s pb; 800m - 2A O. Jakes 2m 28.3s, 2B W. Tucker 2m 26.8s pb; 1500m - 3A A. Hunt 4m 57.5s pb, 1B G. Halton 4m 58.8s pb; 80m hurdles - 3A I. Brown 17.0s pb, 1B S. Thornton 17.5s pb; high jump - 2A L. Davey 1.50m; long jump - 1 S. Cartwright 5.23m pb, 1B L. Davey 4.86m pb; shot - 4A I. Brown 5.98m pb; discus - 2A A. Hunt 10.42m pb, 2B G. Halton 10.30m pb; javelin - 2A E. Richards-Cole 23.52m pb, 2B W. Tucker 18.08m pb; 4x100m relay - 1 Grantham AC 50.9s =cr; 4x300m relay - 3 Grantham AC 3m 13.7s cr.

l Following the disappointment of relegation last season, Grantham AC seniors made an excellent start to the new campaign, finishing a close second in the North of England League opener at Cudworth on Sunday.

Twenty-three first places were recorded, 17 seconds and three thirds, out of the 43 competitions.

Personal bests were achieved by Zoe Lucas, Sara Arosa Rivas (3), Dion Elba-Porter, Kieran Bumby, Michael Burr, Jordan Stokes and Chris Bainbridge (4).

Results: female, 100m - 1A M. Cooper 13.4s, 1B A. Kettle 13.7s; 200m - 2A M. Cooper 27.9s, 1B A. Kettle 28.9s; 400m - 2A M. Cooper 63.6s; 100m hurdles - 1A Z. Lucas 15.5s pb; long jump - 1A Z. Lucas 4.92m, 1B A. Kettle 4.63m; triple jump - 1A A. Kettle 9.51m; shot - 1A H. Gilbert 9.92m, 1B S. Arosa Rivas 7.60m pb; discus - 1A L. Evans 30.42m, 1B S. Arose Rivas 27.89m pb; javelin - 2A H. Gilbert 29.52m, 1B L. Evans 23.78m; hammer - 1A H. Gilbert 39.85m, 1B S. Arosa Rivas 38.67m pb.

Male, 100m - 3A D. Elba-Porter 11.7s, 3B G. Brenchley 12.2s; 200m - 3A D. Elba-Porter 23.4s pb, 2B G. Brenchley 24.6s; 400m - 2A K. Bumby 54.2s, 2B J. Stokes 55.5s pb; 800m - 2A K. Bumby 2m 9.0s pb; 1500m - 2A A. Madge 4m 43.1s, 2B J. Lord 4m 53.3s; 5,000m - 2A A. Short 18m 12.0s, 2B P. Hall 25m 44.4s; 3,000m steeplechase - 1A D. McGrory 11m 16.2s; high jump - 1A M. Burr 1.80m, 2B S. Bainbridge 1.40m; long jump - 2A M. Burr 5.35m pb, 2B C. Bainbridge 3.40m pb; triple jump - 2A S. Bainbridge 8.23m; shot - 2A C. Bainbridge 9.47m, 1B P. Garner 8.32m; discus - 2A P. Garner 27.60m, 1B C. Bainbridge 26.19m pb; javelin - 1A M. Burr 38.70m, 1B C. Bainbridge 26.19m pb; hammer - 1A P. Garner 34.80m, 1B C. Bainbridge 34.72m pb; 4x100m relay - 2 Grantham AC 49.2s; 4x400m relay - 1 Grantham AC 55.1s.