ATHLETICS: Grantham AC athletes record best performances in final league match of season

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Grantham Athletic Club members took part in the final match of the season in the North of England League at Doncaster.

Personal bests were achieved by Helen Gilbert, with 11.71m in the shot, and Max Butler’s 25.3sec in the 200m. Ryan Carley equalled his best of 5.87m in the long jump.

Season’s bests were recorded by Phil Garner (34.36m in the hammer), Mark Gray (23.1m in the 100m hurdles), and Billy Orridge (13.3sec in the 100m).

Middle-distance man Jake Richardson covered the short distance events due to the lack of sprinters representing the club.

Results: female, shot - 1A H. Gilbert 11.71m pb, 1B R. Hall 10.22m; discus - 1A L. Evans 23.12m, 1B H. Gilbert 20.91m; javelin - 2A L. Evans 23.18m, 1B H. Gilbert 15.37m; hammer - 4A H. Gilbert 36.89m, 1B S. Garner 30.84m.

Male, 100m - 5A J. Richardson 13.5s, 5B B. Orridge 13.3s sb; 200m - 5A J. Richardson 28.9s, 5B M. Butler 25.3s pb; 400m - 6A B. Orridge 62.9s, 4B J. Richardson 61.7s; 800m - 3A B. Orridge 2m 10.4s, 2B M. Butler 2m 18.1s; 1500m - 4A M. Butler 5m 13.3s; 5,000m - 4A A. Short 18m 25.5s, 3B P. Hall 25m 39.6s; 400m hurdles - 4A M. Gray 76.6s; 110m hurdles - 4A M. Gray 23.1s sb; high jump - 2A R. Carley 1.65m; long jump - 3A R. Carley 5.87m pb; triple jump - 4A R. Carley 11.65m, 3B M. Atkin 10.10m; shot - 5A M. Atkin 9.22m, 3B P. Garner 8.05m; discus - 5A M. Atkin 27.81m, 3B P. Garner 26.69m; javelin - 3A R. Carley 37.78m, 3B M. Gray 28.53m; hammer - 1A P. Garner 34.36m sb.