ATHLETICS: Grantham AC triumph in North of England League match

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GRANTHAM Athletic Club members had a successful day in the second North of England Track and Field League match at Cleckheaton last Saturday, winning by 79 points in hot and windy conditions.

The ladies dominated in the sprints, hurdles and throwing events. Millie Cooper achieved a personal best of 15.6sec in the 100m hurdles, and Naomi Collier was just 0.06sec outside her PB for the 800m. Both results were club records.

Helen Gilbert took first place in the four throwing events, achieving a season’s best in all of her events.

The Grantham men had 14 first places, with 10 personal bests including Mark Atkin in shot and discus. Other PBS were Joe Madge (200m), Oliver Kiy (400m), Ben Thompson (400m), Kieran Bumby (800m), Jake Hornby (long jump), Josh Lord (triple jump), Sam Bainbridge (shot) and Chris Bainbridge (hammer).

The next league match will be hosted by Grantham AC on July 1.

Results: Female, 100m - 1A M. Cooper 13.3s, 1B S. Tucker 14.4s; 200m - 1A M. Cooper 27.0s, 1B N. Collier 28.0s; 400m - 1A N. Collier 61.0s, 2B S. Garner 85.0s; 800m - 1A N. Collier 2m 16.8s cr; 100m hurdles - 1A M. Cooper 15.6s pb cr, 1B J. Jagger 22.8s; long jump - 5A S. Tucker 3.64m, 2B J. Jagger 3.61m; triple jump - 3A J. Jagger 7.90m; shot - 1A H. Gilbert 9.65m, 1B S. Garner 6.32m; discus - 1A H. Gilbert 23.12m, 1B J. Jagger 21.07m; javelin - 1A H. Gilbert 31.24m, 1B S. Garner 16.23m; hammer - 1A H. Gilbert 43.21m, 1B S. Garner 23.60; 4x400m relay - 1 Grantham AC 4m 38.8s.

Male, 100m - 1A D. Elba-Porter 11.8s, 1B C. Priestley 12.1s; 200m - 1A J. Madge 23.3s pb, 1B D. Elba-Porter 24.1s; 400m - 1A O. Kiy 52.5s pb, 1B B. Thompton 56.8 pb; 800m - 3A B. Orridge 2m 8.6s, 2B K. Bumby 2m 16.9s pb; 1500m - 2A J. Lord 4m 37.9s, 2B J. Hornby 4m 46.5s; 5,000m - 1A A. Short 14m 8.0s, 3B P. Hall 22m 27.3s; 110m hurdles - 2A J. Broughton-Eley 21.8s, 2B M. Gray 23.2s; 400m hurdles - 4A S. Broughton-Eley 69.1s, 3B M. Gray 73.5s; 3,000m steeplechase - 3A M. Gray 13m 32.6s, 2B S. Bainbridge 14m 56.0s; high jump - 4A M. Gray 1.50m; long jump - 3A C. Priestley 5.13m, 4B J. Hornby 4.11m pb; triple jump - 4A S. Broughton-Eley 9.24m, 4 B J. Lord 8.64m pb; pole vault - 1A M. Gray 2.80m; shot - 2A M. Atkin 10.18m pb, 2B S. Bainbridge 9.15m pb; discus - 1A. M. Atkin 30.82m pb, 1B P. Garner 27.74m; javelin - 1A H. Richards 54.91m, 2B M. Atkin 27.62m; hammer - 1A P. Garner 33.88m, 1B C. Bainbridge 24.59m pb; 4x100m relay - 1 Grantham AC 47.5s.