ATHLETICS: Grantham AC youngsters finish runners-up in league match

Girls' under-13 relay
Girls' under-13 relay
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Grantham Athletic Club juniors were back in action for the latest round of the Youth Development League at The Meres last Sunday.

The team finished second on the day to league leaders Derby and put in some fantastic performances, most notably in the relays.

In the under-15 girls’ 300m, Abbie once again broke the club record. In all, 40 personal best performances were recorded and three club records achieved.

Results: boys’ under-15, 100m - 1A Sam Cartwright 12.2s, 1B Izaac Brown 13.4s pb; 200m - 1A Sam Cartwright 24.7s pb, 2B Lewis Davey 26.6s pb; 300m - 2A Oliver Jakes 41.2s, 4B Sean Nel 55.6s pb; 800m - 1A Oliver Jakes 2m 13.8s, 1B George Hatton 2m 29.6s pb; 1500m - 2A William Tucker 4m 44.2s, 2B Aaron Hunt 4m 59.9s; 80m hurdles - 1A Lewis Davey 13.2s pb; discus - 3A George Hatton 10.08m, 2B Aaron Hunt 10.07m; hammer - 1A Izaac Brown 14.4m pb, 1B Aaron Hunt 7.19m pb; javelin - 4A William Tucker 17.11m, 2B George Hatton 9.72m; shot - 3A Oliver Jakes 7.27m; long jump - 1A Sam Cartwright 5.22m, 2B Sean Nel 3.57m pb; high jump - 3A Lewis Davey 1.45m, 1B 1.40m pb; 4x100m - 1 Izaac Brown, Oliver Jakes, Lewis Davey, Sam Cartwright 50.7s; 4x300m - 2 William Tucker, George Hatton, Aaron Hunt, Sean Nel 3m 23.4s.

Boys’ under-13, 100m - 2A Jordan Seetul-Drew 14.4s pb, 2B Gareth Lee 14.5s; 200m - 4A Jordan Seetul-Drew 29.9s pb; 1500m - 2A Rori Rodell 5m 29.9s, 1B Harvey Young 5m 43.6s pb; 75m hurdles - 2B Gareth Lee 14.7s pb, 3B Joseph De’ath 20.3s pb; javelin - 4A Oscar Wordsworth 12.88m, 1B Rori Rodell 12.73m pb; shot - 4A Joseph De’ath 4.19m pb, 3B Rori Rodell 4.17m pb; long jump - 1A Jordan Seetul-Drew 4.27m pb, 3B Joseph De’ath 3.26m pb; high jump - 2A Gareth Lee 1.20m pb, 2B Oscar Wordsworth 1.20m pb; 4x100m - 4 Gareth Lee, Joseph De’ath, Rori Rodell, Jordan Seetul-Drew 59.7s.

Girls’ under-15, 100m - 1A Kate Davis-Bavin 13.9s pb, 1B Flo Ireland 14.2s; 200m - 1A Abbie Byron 27.7s pb, 2B Frankie Wilson 28.7s pb; 300m - 2 Abbie Byron 45.5s pb cr; 800m - 4A Ella Burt 2m 47.5s pb; 1500m - 3A Saskia Hunt 5m 58.0s, 1B Letitia Barrowcliffe 6m 20.8s; 75m hurdles - 2A Frankie Wilson 12.8s, 3B Eve Jacobs 16.8s; discus - 2A Gabbie Lord 18.72s pb, 2B Morgan Holmes 12.0s; hammer - 1A Gabbie Lord 24.97s, 2B Morgan Holmes 16.72s; javelin - 3A Saskia Hunt 8.88m, 3B Gabbie Lord 7.35m; shot - 2A Abbie Byron 7.49m, 2B Morgan Holmes 5.85m; long jump - 5A Flo Ireland 4.03m, 4B Eve Jacobs 3.88m pb; high jump - 3A Eve Jacobs 1.20m; 4x100m - 1 Flo Ireland, Frankie Wilson, Kate Davis-Bavin, Abbie Byron 53.5s; 4x300m - 3 Francesca Campbell, Ella Burt, Letitia Barrowcliffe, Saskia Hunt 3m 35.2s.

Girls’ under-13, 75m hurdles - 2A Frances Sheard 11.0s pb, 3B Phoebe Richards-Cole 12.0s pb, 4B Helen Proctor 12.0s pb; 150m - 1A Amy Hunt 20.1s, 2B Helen Braybrook 22.8s; 800m - 1 Amy Hunt 2m 38.5s, 4B Phoebe Richards-Cole 3m 3.2s pb; 1200m - 1 Helen Braybrook 4m 8s, 2B Isobel Hobday 4m 30.7s pb; 70m hurdles - 3A Frances Sheard 12.7s, 3B Helen Proctor 13.1s pb; javelin - 5A Amy Hunt 13.42s pb, 3B Helen Braybrook 10.12s pb; shot - 5A Isobel Hobday 2.75m pb; long jump - 3A Frances Sheard 3.84m; high jump - 2A Helen Proctor 1.30m pb, 4B Phoebe Richards-Cole 1.05m pb; 4x100m - 2 Frances Sheard, Phoebe Richards-Cole, Helen Braybrook, Amy Hunt 56.7s cr.