ATHLETICS: Grantham Athletic Club teens find higher turnout equals higher placing

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Grantham Athletic Club youngsters competed in Youth Development League meetings over the past two weekends.

Due to very low numbers in the under-13/15 match at Burton on Trent, the Grantham athletes finished last overall. Personal best performances were recorded by Morgan Holmes, Phebe Richards-Cole, Francesca Wilson, Saskia Hunt and Lewis Davey.

A better turnout for the under-17/20 age group at Corby gave Grantham AC third place in the team scores, just two points adrift of the runners-up spot, moving them to fourth overall out of seven after three matches.

PBs were achieved by Max Butler, Sophia Tucker and Sarah Garner.

Results: male under-17, 100m - 4 B. Thompson 12.3s; 200m - 4 B. Thompson 24.9s; 800m - 3 J. Lord 2m 12.8s; 1500m - 1 J. Richardson 4m 37.5s; 3,000m - 1 J. Richardson 10m 3.6s; 400m hurdles - 1 J. Brown 58.2s; high jump - 1 J. Brown 1.65m; shot - 2 E. Cole 10.56m; javelin - 1 J. Brown 45.34m; hammer - 2 E. Cole 22.26m; 4x100m relay - 2 Grantham AC 50.2s.

Male under-20, 100m - 2A D. Elba-Porter 11.8s, 3B J. Stokes 12.6s; 200m - 3A D. Elba-Parker 24.2s, 3B J. Stokes 25.3s; 400m - 2A M. Butter 58.4s; 800m - 1A J. Richardson 2m 9.8s, 1B M. Butler 2m 12.1s pb; 1500m - 1A J. Lord 4m 43.9s.

Female under-17, 100m - 2 Z. Lucas 13.4s; 300m - 2 A. Kettle 44.8s; 80m hurdles - 1 Z. Lucas 12.3s; long jump - 2 A. Kettle 4.78m; triple jump - 3 A. Kettle 9.93m; shot - 1 S. Dowse 9.54m; discus - 4 S. Dowse 19.91m; javelin - 1 S. Dowse 21.62m.

Female under-20, 200m - 3A N. Collier 28.0s; 400m - 2A N. Collier 62.2s; 800m - 1A S. Tucker 2m 29.6s pb; discus - 2A S. Garner 17.58m; javelin - 5A N. Collier 10.29m; hammer - 1A S. Garner 34.69m pb.

Male under-13, 100m - 3A L. Davey 13.8s; 800m - 4A G. Halton 2m 44.4s, 6B D. Weare 3m 10.6s; 1500m - 2A W. Tucker 5m 14.5s; 75m hurdles - 2A L. Davey 14.1s =pb, 4B D. Weare 17.6s; high jump - 1A L. Davey 1.36m; shot - 6A W. Tucker 3.58m; javelin - 6A D. Weare 12.02m; 4x100m relay - 4 Grantham AC 60.9s.

Male under-15, javelin - 1A W. Lumsden 36.66m.

Female under-13, 75m - 8A M. Holmes 12.7s pb; 150m - 8A M. Holmes 25.3s; 800m - 6A P. Richards-Cole 3m 8.7s; long jump - 8A P. Richards-Cole 3.16m pb, 5B A.-M. Smith 2.94m; shot - 4A M. Holmes 5.63m, 6B A.-M. Smith 3.52m.

Female under-15, 100m - 7A F. Wilson 15.2s; 200m - 6A F. Wilson 28.8s pb; 1500m - 5A S. Hunt 5m 49.0s, 1B L. Barrowcliff 5m 32.5s; 75m hurdles - 1A H. Payne 17.3s, 1B F. Wilson 12.9s pb; long jump - 2A H. Payne 4.43m, 3B H. Harris 3.72m; shot - 3A. H. Payne 6.13m, 1B G. Lord 4.86m; discus - 2A G. Lord 13.86m, 4B E. Jacobs 8.59m; javelin - 7A L. Barrowcliff 10.03m, 3B S. Hunt 9.36m pb; hammer - 3A G. Lord 13.64m.