ATHLETICS: Grantham Athletic Club win third league match

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Grantham Athletic Club hosted the third match in the North of England League at The Meres last Sunday.

With a few more female competitors taking part, the home club won the match. The club’s men have topped the points score in every match so far.

Personal best performances were achieved by Josh Lord in the 800m, Michael Burr in the triple jump, and Chris Bainbridge in the hammer, with Dion Elba-Porter equalling his PB best in 100m and Burr doing so in the long jump.

Grantham AC are now just one point behind Longwood in the league and will be hoping for a good turnout for the final match at Grimsby on August 9.

Results: female, 100m - 1A A. Kettle 13.6s, 1B S. Gorzkowska 14.7s; 200m - 3A A. Kettle 27.9s, 2B S. Gorzkowska 31.3s; 400m - 1A N. Collier 61.2s; 800m - 2A S. Tucker 2m 49.2s; 1500m - 2A S. Tucker 6m 15.3s, 1B J. Anderson 6m 38.2s; 3,000m - 1A S. Tucker 13m 24.0s, 1B J. Anderson 13m 40.7s; long jump - 2A A. Kettle 4.69m, 1B H. Payne 4.37m; triple jump - 3A A. Kettle 9.73m, 1B H. Payne 9.25m; shot - 1A H. Gilbert 9.99m, 1B S. Garner 7.38m; discus - 2A L. Evans 29.62m, 1B H. Gilbert 22.14m; javelin - 2A H. Gilbert 29.35m, 1B L. Evans 24.41m; hammer - 1A H. Gilbert 40.97m, 1B S. Garner 32.46m; 4x100m relay - 2 Grantham AC 58.6s; 4x400m relay - 2 Grantham AC 5m 28.7s.

Male, 100m - 1A D. Elba-Porter 11.3s =pb, 1B J. Stokes 11.8s; 200m - 1A D. Elba-Porter 23.5s, 1B J. Stokes 24.3s; 400m - 1A K. Brumby 54.3s, 1B J. Stokes 55.1s; 800m - 2A J. Lord 2m 7.0s pb; 1500m - 1A M. Butler 4m 25.7s, 1B J. Lord 4m 30.7s; 5,000m - 1A A. Short 18m 15.7s, 4B P. Hall 26m 8.2s; high jump - 1A M. Burr 1.80m, 2B C. Bainbridge 1.40m; long jump - 1A M. Burr 5.92m =pb, 5B C. Bainbridge 3.54m; triple jump - 1A M. Burr 12.16m pb, 2B C. Bainbridge 8.23m; shot - 2A M. Atkin 9.18m, 1B E. Cole 8.59m; discus - 1A M. Atkin 29.36m, 1B E. Cole 28.59m; javelin - 1A H. Richards 55.37m, 1B M. Atkin 35.35m; hammer - 1A C. Bainbridge 37.6m pb, 1B P. Garner 36.27m; 4x100m relay - 2 Grantham AC 50.1s; 4x400m relay - 2 Grantham AC 3m 50.3s.