ATHLETICS: Grantham RC teams run Equinox 24-hour race

Grantham RC members at Equinox 24.
Grantham RC members at Equinox 24.
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Last weekend the Equinox 24 race was held in the grounds of Belvoir Castle.

Starting at midday on Saturday, runners had 24 hours to complete as many laps of the 10km course as possible in the allotted time.

The motto of the event is “one more lap” – the faster you run the more laps you complete. The balance between sleep and speed, and the need to run in the dark (head torches are essential), are unusual challenges, so many members of the club took the chance to take part in this race.

The morning of the race was wet, causing the off-road sections to be particularly slippery. Fortunately it was dry during the race.

Two eight-strong teams were entered from Grantham Running Club, one with long-term members and one comprising mainly of recent members of the club.

The established team comprised of Gav Meadows, Sarah High, Penny Durham, Rob Howbrook, Mark Hillson, Jamie Garcia, Paul Davis and Jez Page and ran a total of 29 laps, placing ninth in this category. The beginners team were Martyn Carter, Louise Fenton, Lizzie Potter, Jacqueline Jacobs, Ros Sadler, Paul Durham, Nik Jones and Nathan Walkies managed 23 laps, placing 58th in this category.

A number of members ran as pairs, with recent member SJ Willis running 10 laps as her share.

Some members bravely entered as solo runners – with no-one to share the running, this is a true test of determination and stamina. Four members entered, an injured Suzanne Britz (2 laps), Ruth Dunstan (8 laps) and Marc Tremain (10 laps), all putting in good efforts.

Star of the club was Holly Durham, doing 15 laps (150km, over 93 miles) and somehow managing to finish with a smile on her face. This earnt her sixth position, a sterling effort.