ATHLETICS: Grantham Running Club’s Solstice 10K is a great success

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WITH more than 300 entrants, this year’s Summer Solstice 10km road race was the biggest and most successful ever organised by Grantham Running Club.

The evening race which is run on the Friday nearest the Solstice is loved by experience club runners and first timers alike due to it being a fast uncomplicated oval round the quiet lanes near Long Bennington.

Sixty-one runners from Grantham took part and although the majority were members of the local clubs, it also found interest among the general public.

The first local man home was Matt Smith of Toonie Express, never one to settle for second place Matt over ambitiously matched the eventual winner step by step until running out of steam at 8km. After the race he was unrepentant about trading a potential top three place for ninth and was certain with more training he would use the same plan next year.

In the absence of Arthur Short, Ben Hatherley led the Grantham Athletic Club challenge in his fastest for the distance. First home for Grantham Running Club was Andrew Pask. Catherine Payne was first local lady as well as picking up the prize for Ladies’ Veteran.

Martin Neal ran for Ropsley Road Runners but the main success for the host club was not just that they had more than 20 finishers, but that so many of them were not even running a year ago.

Results: 37:06 Smith, Matt 39:07 Hatherley, Ben 41:58 Pask, Andrew 42:40 Williamson, Thomas 42:46 Mason, Ben 42:48 Sibcy, Stuart 43:09 Jones, Scott 43:10 Payne, Catherine 43:15 Toms, Mark 43:34 Hyde, Gerry 45:03 Gregory, David 45:23 Ellerby, John 45:27 Geach, Gordon 46:06 Perks, Steven 47:41 Hunt, Sophie 48:38 Stewart, Julie 48:46 Measures, Keith 49:13 Stanley, Sophie 49:14 Thompson, Jessica 51:19 Hanson, Trudy 51:25 Hoggan, Finn 51:38 Johnston, Wendy 52:34 Littlecott, Anna 52:52 Dunstan, Ruth 52:55 Mihill, Jane 53:56 Hyde, Louise 54:44 Payne, Louise 55:07 Broad, Jessica 55:53 Bedford, Sara 61:46 Cropper, Joanne 63:07 Bannister, Emma Jane 65:37 Taylor, Yvonne.