ATHLETICS: Grantham team perform well to retain second place in the league

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Grantham Athletic Club’s team competed in very wet condtions in the second match of this season’s North of England League at Cleckheaton last Saturday.

They performed well to finish second on the day and retain their second place standing behind Longwood Harriers.

Twenty-three first places were achieved, and five personal best performances recorded.

Under-17 Jordan Stokes gained PBs in the 100m, 200m and 400m, competing against senior athletes.

Under-20 Chris Bainbridge threw a PB of 36.73m to win the hammer, and senior Michael Burr triumphed in the triple jump with a PB 12.00m.

The third match in the league will be at The Meres stadium on July 13.

Results: female, 100m - 3A A. Kettle 13.9s; 200m - 4A A. Kettle 28.4s, 1B N. Collier 28.5s; 400m - 1A N. Collier 61.7s; 800m - 1A N. Collier 2m 24.2s; 100m hurdles - 1A Z. Lucas 15.9s; long jump - 2A Z. Lucas 4.55m, 1B A. Kettle 9.33m; shot - 1A H. Gilbert 9.98m, 1B S. Garner 7.39m; discus - 2A H. Gilbert 24.47m, 3B S. Garner 17.28m; javelin - 2A H. Gilbert 31.17m, 1B S. Garner 16.28m; hammer - 1A H. Gilbert 38.66m, 1B S. Garner 28.52m.

Male, 100m - 2A D. Elba-Porter 11.7s, 2B J. Stokes 11.9s pb; 200m - 2A D. Elba-Porter 24.1s, 2B J. Stokes 24.1s pb; 400m - 2A K. Bumby 54.2s, 2B J. Stokes 54.2s pb; 800m - 1A J. Lord 2m 10.1s, 1B K. Bumby 2m 15.6s; 1500m - 1A J. Lord 4m 29.5s, 1B A. Short 5m 18.9s; 5,000m - 3A A. Short 18m 42.2s, 4B P. Hall 25m 12.0s; high jump - 1A M. Burr 1.80m, 1B R. Carley 1.60m; long jump - 2A R. Carley 5.98m, 1B M. Burr 5.72m; triple jump - 1A M. Burr 12.00m pb, 1B R. Carley 11.79m; shot - 3A P. Garner 8.12m, 2B C. Bainbridge 7.52m; discus - 3A C. Bainbridge 25.61m, 1B M. Burr 25.58m; javelin - 1A H. Richards 45.25m, 1B R. Carley 44.15m; hammer - 1A C. Bainbridge 36.73m pb, 1B P. Garner 35.25m; 4x100m - 3 Grantham AC 51.8s; 4x400m relay - 2 Grantham AC 3m 49.4s.

l Work commitments and exam preparations were to blame for a depleted Grantham AC turnout of under-17s and under-20s at the second Youth Development League meeting at Nuneaton.

But, with just 13 athletes, the team did well to finish fourth and retain third place overall.

Fourteen PBs were achieved, with Jordan Stokes gaining three in the under-17 sprints, Owen Penton-Voaks had three in throws, and Chris Bainbridge three in under-20 throws.

Kim Newell ran a PB in the under-17 300m and threw one in the javelin. The Payne twins gained one PB apiece, Hannah in 300m hurdles and Ruth in the hammer.

Club bests were set in the 4x100m relay in the under-20 women’s and men’s age group, breaking records that have stood since 1997 and 2002 respectively.

Results: female under-17, 100m - 7A A. Newell 15.1s; 300m - 3A K. Newell 46.8s pb; 800m - 2A K. Newell 2m 42.6s; 300m hurdles - 3A H. Payne 56.8s pb; long jump - 3A H. Payne 4.30m; triple jump - 3A H. Payne 8.94m; discus - 2A R. Payne 19.51m; javelin - 4A K. Newell 13.74m pb; hammer - 3A R. Payne 19.38m pb.

Female under-20, 100m - 2A A. Kettle 13.4s;; 2A Z. Lucas 27.8s; 400m - 2A P. Atherton 79.8s; 800m - 3A P. Atherton 3m 3.2s; 100m hurdles - 2A Z. Lucas 15.5s; long jump - 2A A. Kettle 4.52m, 1B P. Atherton 2.70m; triple jump - 3A A. Kettle 9.58m; discus - 3A A. Newell 16.23m; javelin - 2A R. Payne 18.42m; 4x100m relay - 2 Grantham AC 57.0s cr.

Male under-17, 100m - 3A J. Stokes 11.5s pb; 200m - 3A J. Stokes 24.0s pb, 3B J. Munro 25.9s; 400m - 5A J. Munro 61.1s, 1B J. Stokes 54.1s pb; long jump - 3A W. Lumsdon 5.09m; triple jump - 4A J. Munro 10.37m; shot - 2A O. Penton-Voaks 8.23m pb; discus - 2A O. Penton-Voaks 27.87m pb; javelin - 1A W. Lumdson 42.66m; hammer - 2A O. Penton-Voaks 19.87m pb.

Male under-20, 2,000m steeplechase - 1A J. Lord 7m 0.9s pb; shot - 3A C. Bainbridge 9.31m pb; discus - 1A C. Bainbridge 28.70m; javelin - 2A C. Bainbridge 32.32m pb; hammer - 1A C. Bainbridge 41.45m pb; 4x100m relay - 5 Grantham AC 51.1s cr.