ATHLETICS: Ropsley veteran Norman completes 150th marathon

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Ropsley Road Runner veteran Norman Gosbee racked up his 150th marathon distance run in the Ponton Plod multi-terrain 27-mile event on Sunday.

Competing in wet and very windy conditions, an injury early on slowed Norman to a 6hr 31min finish.

Norman said: “I pulled a muscle at four miles and had to walk and run to the end. I also ran off course more than once and ended up doing 30-plus miles. So, a good way to run my 150th marathon!”

Team-mates Allan Cox and John Flaxman elected to run further afield in the Great North Run at Newcastle.

Allan completed the half-marathon road race in 2.11.04 and John finished in 2.21.03.

Tony Johnson opted for the Cranford Kettering Half-marathon which he completed in 1.30.23. The previous Sunday he competed in the Grunty Fen Half-marathon at Ely, where he ran the 13.1 miles in 1.29.00.