Busy weekend for Grantham Athletic Club teen trio

Sport from the Grantham Journal - granthamjournal.co.uk/sport, @granthamjournal on Twitter, facebook.com/granthamjournal
Sport from the Grantham Journal - granthamjournal.co.uk/sport, @granthamjournal on Twitter, facebook.com/granthamjournal
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Grantham Athletic Club under-17s Jake Richardson, Josh Lord and Josh Brown had a busy weekend of competition.

Last Saturday they competed in the Lincolnshire Schools Championship and on Sunday boosted the senior men in the North of England League at Sheffield.

Laura Evans improved on her women’s ‘35’ club record in the shot with 7.38m.

Personal best performances were achieved by Kieran Bumby (400m), Jake Richardson (800m), Billy Orridge (3,000m steeplechase) and Ryan Carley (triple jump).

Grantham AC finished fifth with 243 points.

Results: female, 200m - 5A S. Garner 34.3s; 400m - 4A S. Garner 86.5s; shot - 1A H. Gilbert 10.34m, 2B L. Evans 7.38m cr; discus - 2A L. Evans 24.46m, 1B H. Gilbert 24.26m; javelin - 3A H. Gilbert 27.84m, 1B L. Evans 25.03m; hammer - 2A H. Gilbert 36.85m, 2B S. Garner 33.86.

Male, 100m - 5A J. Lord 14.2s, 5B J. Richardson 14.3s; 200m - 5A K. Bumby 26.6s, 5B K. Butler 25.7s; 400m - 3A K. Bumby 54.8s pb, 3B J. Richardson 59.3s; 800m - 4A J. Richardson 2m 10.9s pb, 2B M. Butler 2m 17.0s; 1500m - 4A J. Lord 4m 35.4s, 2B B. Orridge 4m 41.7s; 5,000m - 4A A. Short 17m 38.7s, 3B P. Hall 24m 00.0s; 400m hurdles - 3A J. Lord 70.8s, 2B M. Gray 76.5s; 3,000m steeplechase - 4A B. Orridge 11m 19.9s pb, 3B M. Gray 13m 26.0s; high jump - 2A J. Brown 1.80m, 2B R. Carley 1.75m; long jump - 4A R. Carley 5.85m, 4B M. Gray 4.44m; triple jump - 4B R. Carley 12.05m pb; shot - 3A M. Atkin 9.66m, 4B S. Bainbridge 8.52m; discus - 4A M. Atkin 30.86m, 3B P. Garner 25.00m; javelin - 3A J. Brown 42.50m, 2B M. Atkin 38.82m; hammer - 1A P. Garner 38.72m, 1B C. Bainbridge 32.16m; 4x400m relay - 4 Grantham AC 4m 1.1s.

The second National Youth Development League match for under-17s and under-20s was held at Ashfield.

Personal bests were recorded by Ed Cole (shot), Ryan Carley (high jump), Chris Bainbridge (shot and javelin) and Sarah Garner (shot).

Josh Brown and Ed Cole won all three of their events in the under-17 section.

Results: under-17 boys, 100m - 6A R. Kent 13.4s; 400m - 7A R. Kent 65.8s; 1500m - 2A J. Lord 4m 29.7s; 100m hurdles - 1A J. Brown 14.5s; 400m hurdles - 1A J. Brown 58.0s; high jump - 1A J. Brown 1.81m; shot - 1A E. Cole 10.95m pb; discus - 1A E. Cole 32.72m; javelin - 1A E. Cole 28.04m.

Under-20 boys, 100m - 3A D. Elba-Porter 12.0s; 200m - 3 D. Elba-Porter 24.0s; high jump - 1R. Carley 1.78m pb; triple jump - 2A R. Carley 11.78m; shot - 3A C. Bainbridge 8.88m pb; discus - 2A C. Bainbridge 25.35m; javelin - 2A R. Carley 38.18m, 1B C. Bainbridge 30.25m pb; hammer - 1A C. Bainbridge 32.00m.