Grantham Athletic Club’s ‘Super Saturday’

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GRANTHAM Athletic Club members enjoyed their own ‘Super Saturday’ at Sheepmount Stadium, Doncaster, last weekend.

In the final North of England League match, Grantham maintained top spot, winning once again by 40 match points to give them a massive total of 415 points at the end of the season.

The final league results were: Grantham 24, Pudsey 19, Hallamshire 15, Grimsby 14, Goole 7, Wombwell 5.

Grantham athletes gained 32 first places and topped both A and B strings in 12 events. A club record was set by Jac Heanen with a long jump of 6.67m, breaking the previous best set in 1998.

Personal bests were recorded by Jac Heanen (100m 11.2sec), Jake Hornby (800m 2:13.5), Billy Orridge (3,000m steeplechase 11:23.0), Stuart Broughton-Eley (110m hurdles 20.4), and Mark Atkin (shot 10.47m)..

Promotion to Division Three next year means Grantham will meet Chesterfield, Newark, Doncaster, Bingley and Pudsey.

Results: Female, 100m - 3A A. Betts 14.9s, 2 B J. Jagger 15.8s; 200m - 4A A. Betts 34.2s; 400m - 4A S. Garner 79.6s, 3B A. Betts 84.4s; high jump - 2A J. Jagger 1.25m; long jump - 4A A. Betts 3.99m, 1B J. Jagger 3.92m; triple jump - 2A J. Jagger 8.26m; shot - 1A H. Gilbert 9.79m, 1B S. Garner 6.89m; discus - 2A L. Evans 30.22m, 1B J. Jagger 25.00m; javelin - 2A H. Gilbert 28.88m, 1B L. Evans 21.42m; hammer - 1A H. Gilbert 39.57m, 1B S. Garner 29.41m,

Male, 100m - 1A J. Heanen 11.2s pb, 1B G. Brenchley 11.8s; 200m - 2A B. Thompson 24.5s, 1B G. Brenchley 25.1s; 400m - 1A J. Brown 55.9s, 1B I. Charles 57.0s; 800m - 1A B. Orridge 2m 8.9s, 1B J. Hornby 2m 13.5s pb; 1500m - 3A B. Orridge 5m 9.2s, 1B J. Hornby 4m 41.8s; 5,000m - 1A A Short 18m 0.3s, 1B P. Hall 23m 14.0s; 110m hurdles - 2A S. Broughton-Eley 20.4s cr pb, 2B M. Burr 21.7s; 400m hurdles - 2A S. Broughton-Eley 69.0s; 3,000m steeplechase - 2A B. Orridge 11m 23.0s; high jump - 1A M. Burr 1.75m, 1B L. Chapman 1.60m; long jump - 1A J. Heaney 6.67m pb, 1B J. Brown 6.17m; triple jump - 1A L. Chapman 12.10m, 1B J. Brown 6.17m; shot - 1A M. Atkin 10.47m pb, 1B D. Samson 9.40m; discus - 1A M. Atkin 31.42m, 1B D. Samson 23.79m; javelin - 1A H. Richards 56.15m, 1B M. Burr 42.14m; hammer - 1A P. Garner 33.74m, 1B D. Samson 28.21m; 4x100m relay - 1 Grantham AC 47.6s; 4x400m relay - 1 Grantham AC 3m 53.5s.

Match result: 1 Grantham 380.5pt, 2 Hallamshire 340, 3 Pudsey 309.5, 4 Grimsby 146, 5 Goole 108, 6 Wombwell 67.

l With one match to complete in the Lincolnshire Track and Field League, Grantham are in the lead in all four age groups.

The under-13 triathlon for boys and girls, the men’s 10,000m and women’s 5,000m county championships will be held during the meeting on September 2.