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Specimen hunters 'bivvy up' at Ancaster lakes

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For people who do not fish, it must be confusing to witness the different regimes anglers follow on local venues like the two biggest lakes at Woodland Waters, Ancaster.

There is one type who fishes for just a day, mainly for species like roach, bream, tench and perch. Typically, they will sit on a seat box, using a pole or single set of tackle with a rod and reel. In fishing terminology, this is a coarse angler.

Another type tends to arrive on a Friday afternoon and stays for the whole weekend; some even camp out by the water for as long as a week.

Anglers 'bivvied up' for a long weekend fishing on the Specimen Lake at Woodland Waters. (56832082)
Anglers 'bivvied up' for a long weekend fishing on the Specimen Lake at Woodland Waters. (56832082)

But people who fit this category do not class themselves as campers – they are after just one species: carp.

They traditionally call their shelters bivvies. The reason they need them is that it can take a long time to bag a big carp.

Whereas general coarse anglers might catch smaller fish all day long and amass big hauls of them, carp anglers play a waiting game for that big fish of a lifetime. It might take several days to get some action, even when using up to three rods wired up with bite alarms.

But in some ways that does not matter, because these long stay anglers can fish in a far more relaxed manner, simply enjoying the countryside and some good banter with mates.

Carp fishing is now massive in the UK and on the continent. Apart from the aspect of living in a bivvy for several days, fishing tackle shops now sell large amounts of mobile cooking equipment, super comfortable bed chairs, sleeping bags and big barrows to cart everything to the water.

This form of escapism has become a way of life for many. Even the associated clothing this type of angler wears has become fashion conscious and big business for specialist tackle companies.

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