CYCLING: What goes up . . . must come down!

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Witham Wheelers’ annual end of racing season hill climb championships suffered a poor turnout, with only five riders taking to the start line.

Juvenile Adam Egner proved the quickest on the day, just dipping under three minutes for the ascent of Harby Hill.

Results: 1 Adam Egner 2.58, 2 Peter Watson 3.11, 3 Ian Galpin 3.32, 4 James Westwood 3.37, 5 Mick Egner 4.35.

The following freewheeling competition back down the hill saw Mick Egner to victory, after he had earlier unshipped his chain in the hill climb.

Others: 2 James Westwood, 3 Adam Egner, 4 Peter Watson, 5 Ian Galpin.