CYCLING: Wind-affected Witham Wheelers prove reliable over the hills

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The wind abated a little for the eighth Witham Wheelers reliability ride last Sunday.

But riders still had a tough ordeal, heading out to Tilton on the Hill via Melton Mowbray on the 62-mile route. However, swinging back towards Oakham with the wind now helpful, average speeds picked up and everybody made it back to Grantham in their target range.

Group one also had a good ride on the shorter 50-mile route missing out the Tilton on the Hill section which, as the name suggests, included quite a lot of climbing.

Taking part were Bill Harrison, Carol Milne, Dave Edlin, Ehren Courtman, Gerry Taylor, Graham McAndrew, Ian Metcalfe, Ian Rayson, John Clifton, John Scott, Julie Clark, Llewey Byrne, Martin Milne, Matt Pennifold, Matthew Kingston-Lee, Reece Egner, Robert McAndrew, Russ Openshaw, Russell Newman, Simon Cocker, Tony Mendham, Tony Swaby, Tracey George.